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Theron Cyrus, AIF®, President

tcyrus@sigmarep.com | Phone: 216 916-0656

Theron Cyrus is a 15 year veteran of the financial industry having held positions as financial advisor with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith.   Mr. Cyrus is currently the founder and President of Cyrus Asset Management, LLC since 2007.

Cyrus Asset Management was founded on the principle of placing the interest of our clients above everything else.  With that in mind you can rest assured that nothing else matters.

Cyrus Asset Management, LLC

Established in 2007.  Cyrus Asset Management, LLC has been a trusted wealth management firm.  We specialize in mitigating risk rather than promising returns on your investment.  We believe that performance is best measured by goal achievement.  We call it seeking "financial wellness"  Investors seek a holistic approach to achieving goals and building confidence.


Time and again, clients tell us how much better they feel when the path before them is clear.  When obstacles are pushed aside and goals are well-defined.


That's what we do.  We help investors get to their destination of financial wellness; lighting the path along the way, and keeping them on track.


That kind of advocacy requires winning your trust and acquiring a deep understanding of your situation.  To make that happen, we utilize a detailed yet straightforward process for assessing your financial wellness and identifying goals.


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